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Things to Know

What are the Key Features

+ ANSI Z89.1 2014/ OSHA Complaint: Type 1, Class C
+ Made in USA
+ Solar Powered
+ Rechargeable Battery
+ 2 Speeds (High/Low)
+ Light weight
+ Made of Polyethylene (HDPE)
+ Great for working indoors, outdoors and in humid conditions

+ Full brim with Accu-fit 8pt Adjustable Ratchet Suspension System w. Chin strap

What is the warrenty?

+ Exchange ONLY.....within 30 days

What common markets wear the hard hat?

+ Construction
+ Demolition
+ General Industrial
+ Longshoremen
+ Manufacturing
+ Mining
+ Steel workers
+ Utilities
+ Welders

How much does it weight?


+ White
+ Green
+ Orange
+ Yellow

What are the service life guidelines?

+ Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hats are made of high quality wear-resistant materials. Inspect helmet before and after each use.
+ Replace the helmet after it has withstood impact or penetration.
+ KBSHH recommends: replacing the suspension after no more than 12 months of use.
+ Replacing the shell after no more than 4 years of use.
+ Consult user instructions for additional details

How do I clean or dry my hat ?

+ Do not clean with chemical or abrasive cleaners.

+ If the hat should get wet, gently pat dry with a clean cloth.