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About Us

Our Credo

Our credo outlines the values that drive our purpose, decision making and continued innovative measures around the globe.

​We believe each customer should have the ability to enjoy swift air ventilation via the source of the sun. We want to make sure that hot working conditions are coupled with hats that make working under the sun a breeze.  It is our duty to provide innovative products that support outdoor productivity and comfort.  We are responsible for the  innovation of solar cooling headwear and look forward to its progression. We plan on changing the world by providing a new healthy experience, while working, or playing under the Sun.

          Dedicated to improving productivity, one solar hat at a time.

About Us

Kool Breeze is a solar hat manufacturing company that specializes in developing solar cooling head-wear products. We are a USA Company established in 2013, that provide patented solar safety helmets and straw hats worldwide. Our safety helmet instantly absorbs and saves power generated from the sun. It has a powerful high-low fan system and a convenient on-off button. 

We have over a decade of valuable experience in testing, manufacturing and evaluating innovative solar cooling hats. Our one of a kind products have been designed to address the one common denominator for outdoor or extensive labor: under the Sun. 

We pride ourselves on being a customer-based company that values the satisfaction and safety of each customer. 

Our Vision

We strive to introduce world changing solar cooling safety helmets that enable worry free, safe and comfortable outdoor activities.

Our Mission

We have a simple mission: to ensure the well-being and good health of individuals worldwide, through our innovative solar cooling safety helmets.