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The Evolution of the Safety Helmet Engineered Design - The Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat

Watch our quick 3 minute video, which offers a simple run down on Kool Breeze Solar Hard hats and our newest addition to our hat collection.

3/14/2019- Safety helmets are essential as any other construction tool. They are a must have at any high labor-intensive environment, serving purposes like preventing dangerous injuries from debris and falling objects.

 In the book “Managing in the Next Society”, the prominent strategic management guru Peter Drucker, claims that the very first patent of the safety helmet was issued by Franz Kafka in 1912.  It is said that the design was engineered while the famous novelist  worked in the Institute for the Kingdom of Bohemia, in the area of accident insurance. 


In the United States, E.D. Bullard Company developed mining instruments  and equipment. It was founded by Edward Dickinson Bullard in 1898 and  for over 20 years, it specialized on industrial safety.  first, the  company sold “Protection  Hats.” However, it was made from leather, offering relatively poor head  protection to its user. Fortunately, that was about to change.  

 After WWI, Edward’s son, EW Bullard, returned from the battlefield with a steel helmet and an innovative idea that soon would transform everything they knew about helmets.  

On 1919, Bullard patented the “Hard-Knitted Helmet”. It was made from steamed canvas, glue and a final touch of black paint. That same year, the US Navy requested Bullard to create a protective  cover for their shipyards. They took that opportunity to offer their  new helmets, which later became of general use by the staff. 

 A short time after, Bullard developed an internal suspension to the helmets, providing increased protective performance. The earlier designs were inspired by the shape and functionalities of the M1917 “Brodie” military helmets. 

The Hoover Dam,  was built in 1931 and was the first general use of the safety helmets.  This event marked a precedent in the field, since all six companies  affiliated with the dam decided to make the use of safety helmets a  requirement for every person in the workplace. In 1933, the construction  of the Golden Gate Bridge began, becoming the second largest civil  engineering project where construction workers used safety helmets to  protect themselves. In this opportunity, Engineer Joseph Strauss, head  of the project, considered as essential the use of head protection. He  was aware of the many extreme risks involved in the process to build the  bridge, so he wanted to have an area of work as safe as possible. He  also implemented a series of safety nets to prevent workers from  falling. 

 Strauss also commanded Bullard to design a sufficiently hard  helmet it could protect his workers from the sandblasting machines.  Bullard then designed a model that protected the face of its user  allowing him to see at the same time. He also added a breathing device attached to an elastic tube fed by an air compressor.  

Almost 100 years later, inventors Mr. Tommie and Dr. Vernice Nellon created what's now the newest version of the safety helmet. The Kool Breeze Solar Hard Hat is a dual fan, solar powered cooling helmet that stores energy from the sun within the hat's built-in battery. The hat has an on and off switch, which allows for customers to have the luxury to use the hat indoors and outdoors.

 Kool Breeze's philosophy is simple: solar tech wear is changing the world by providing a new healthy experience while working under the sun or in any hot environment.

 This modern solution is forecasted to offer a more productive workforce, using innovation that considers the heat environmental conditions that labors  have to face on a daily basis. We can only hope the future will continue to bring new and exciting inventions that can improve the safety of every laborer.